Hearts and Hammers

Dallas Area Chapter


 Team Skill Assessment

Please complete the following assessment based on the ability of your volunteer group to accomplish a task. Rate volunteer skill level on the following, using a 1 point to 5 point range where:

1 pt. = little or no experience

2 pt. = some experience

3 pt. = moderate experience or comfort level

4 pt. = can accomplish

5 pt. = no problem!

Team Name:               

Team Captain Name:  

Team Captain Phone:  

Team Captain Email:    

Number of Volunters:  

Hang a New Door:  Replace Wood Siding:  
Replace Window Pane:    Caulk:  
Scrape Siding:   Paint Siding,Trim,Windows:  
Demolish Small Garages:   Repair Window Sill, Threshold: 
Repair Porch Flooring:   Perform Yard Clean-Up:  
Repair Porch Steps:   Install Wheelchair Ramp:  
Install Wood Handrails:   Replace Trim Boards around Eaves, Windows, Doors, Corners:  
Replace Porch Posts:   Use Basic Tools (Hammers, Screwdrivers, Hand Saw):  
Operate Simple Power Tools        (Drills, Jig Saw):   Operate Power Tools (Skill Saw, Table Saw, Nail Gun, etc):  

Special Training: