Hearts and Hammers

Dallas Area Chapter


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I donate to Hearts and Hammers?
A: Send a check to Hearts and Hammers, P.O. Box 29747, Dallas, TX 75229

Q: How do I contact People Helping People?                                               A: Angelyn Page, Program Manager at (214) 670-7327.                             Monday - Friday, 8:15 AM to  5:15 PM.

Q: Does Tom Thumb Rewards Card give to Hearts and Hammers?
A: Yes! Just request the Tom Thumb cashier to link you card to the H&H number 5663.

Q: How do I start a Hearts and Hammers team?
A: Come to the New Captains Training Meeting on April 25th! Or drop us a note at H&H email.

Q: Is there a fee for the teams signing up to repair a house?
A: We ask for a $100 sign up donation for each house. The fee goes toward materials for the project that aren't covered by the funds from the City of Dallas or HUD.