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Hearts and Hammers


Hearts and Hammers is a non-profit organization formed in 1986 by former Peace Corps Volunteer, Bob Walker. From one home painted by 24 volunteers the first year, the project has grown to three thousand volunteers who have refurbished close to a thousand homes. 

A seven member board of directors and a 40+ member council, coordinate the workings of this all volunteer group. Our mission is to repair the homes of low income homeowners, most of who are elderly and disabled. City building inspectors identify the homes in need of repair. The homeowners are qualified through the People Helping People group of the Dallas City Department of Housing and Neighborhood Services. Hearts and Hammers then recruits volunteer teams through businesses, churches, civic groups and schools to work on the homes.

Once teams have been organized, Hearts and Hammers provides guidance to team captains in organizing volunteers and working on the homes. The repairs weatherize and beautify the home and bring many of the buildings up to city code. Hearts and  Hammers determines the materials needed, what professional assistance is needed, then orders and warehouses the materials. Some materials are donated, some funds come from personal and business donations and some funds come from the City of Dallas and HUD. The Hearts and Hammers Planning Council members coordinate all activities on project days and provide support throughout the year to team captains. The project happens on two Saturdays once a year, usually in the fall.

Many of the original Peace Corps Volunteers are still participating. Bob Walker is organizing a chapter in Austin after having started a chapter in Minneapolis. For information on the Hearts & Hammers - Twin Cities, please go this website: Hearts & Hammers - Twin Cities